No one expected to spend their spring essentially sequestered in their homes with their family.  Not one of us. Our calendars were bustling with work activities, getting together with friends, sports for the kids— but here we are — for the greater good, spending the majority of our days and weeks at home. The first week may have seemed like a stay-cation, but as the days wear on, the state of our mental health and well-being may be taking a toll.  

At Hatshe, we are all about finding ways to incorporate physical activity into our everyday routines, and now, during our weeks at home, it is more important than ever!  Having a daily exercise routine is key to helping maintain your mental health when life throws you a curveball. Exercise, such as running or weightlifting, has been shown to improve and maintain improved self-concept  in clinically depressed patients over extended periods of time. Physical activity has also been shown to improve acute anxiety and panic symptoms with results similar to meditation or relaxation. How does exercise do this? By literally changing your brain chemistry and releasing more of those “feel good” endorphins! So, what are you waiting for?  Get out there, move your body, get your heart pumping and improve your mood at the same time! 

Looking for some ideas since your gym is closed? We’ve got you covered with some easy to do at-home activities!

  1. Wash Your Car / Do some work in the yard – yep, that’s right. Household chores like washing your car or weeding the planter beds counts as physical activity. Just grab a bucket, sponge – whatever else you need and step outside and enjoy the spring weather. Keep up a good pace, squat down to get the tires and tip-toe reach (sneaking in calf raises right there) to get the top of the car. Towel dry the car for bonus points . . .and since we may have a little extra time on our hands.
  2. Play With Your Kids – whether you have a toddler you can crawl on the floor with, or older kiddos you can run around and play tag with, everyone will benefit from the fun way to pass some time.
  3. Ride Bikes – Springtime might be the best time to ride bikes with all the flowers blooming and comfortable temperatures! Combine the activity with errands, like the grocery store, and feel even more productive!
  4. Join A Virtual Class – looking for someone to guide you through a workout? Move the couch and get started! There are so many great choices out there including free options right now! If you’re looking to try out a new yoga class, be sure to hit up our good friend Chelsea at Hard Core Yoga. Another local favorite, Rena Fitness, just launched a new app that’s easy to use. And check our Warrior Rhythm – a new offering by our friend Ellen.
  5. Body Weight Strength and Cardio Combo – exercises like push-ups, squats, bridges, lunges, and planks don’t require any special equipment and can get your heart pumping. You don’t need much space and can do them inside or out!

The Important thing is to find some sort of physical activity that is enjoyable to you so you’ll continue to do it daily!  What are you doing to maintain your mental health while you’re at home these days? Let us know – we’d love to hear from you!